Name of Student Class Roll. No. Bank A/c No. Remarks
2 3 4 5 6
Rahul Kumar B.A.-I 8 3084512578  
Manish Kumar B.A.-I 9 3084313356  
Ravi Kumar B.A.-I 19 3084596296  
Ravi Partap B.A.-I 25 3086361863  
Parmod Kumar B.A.-I 34 3084512782  
Mukesh Kumar B.A.-I 37 3084258644  
Amit Kumar B.A.-I 65 3085170018  
Kamal B.A.-I 72 3084348073  
Aman B.A.-I 73 3086062738  
Suraj Hans B.A.-I 106 3084010974  
Rajesh Kumar B.A.-I 112 3084158275  
Ranbir Singh B.A.-I 117 3086189959  
Gurdeep Kumar B.A.-I 137 3084513297  
Dilip Kumar B.A.-I 145 3085763199  





Concessions in fee are given to the brilliant students, good sportsmen and holders of distinction in co-curricular activities. Deserving students are also provided with complete sets of text books from the Book Bank of the college.

The college provides financial aid to the poor and needy students in continuing their higher studies. This fund is administered by a Committee headed by the Principal with two staff members (one male and one female).

Other scholarships

S.Sukhdev Singh Trehan Memorial Scholarship

There shall be 4 scholarships worth Rs. 250/- Per month each out of the interest accrued from the FDR for Rs. 1,00,000/- donated by his wife. These scholarships are given to the meritorious/needy/poor girl students for pursuing their UG/PG degrees.

Bhai Hira Singh Memorial Scholarship

There are 4 scholarships worth Rs. 250/- per month each is given out of the annual interest accruing from the FDR worth Rs. 1,00,000/- donated by Major Balwant Singh in the sweet memory of his revered father, (Ragi) Sardar Hira Singh Ji. These Scholarships are given to the meritorious/poor/Sikh music-loving students. These scholarships are awarded in the academic year from July to June by the Principal of the college on the recommendations of the Scholarships committee.

Best Sports Person Scholarship

S.Bhupinder Singh Jauhar, Hon'ble Chairman of the Governing body of the college has instituted a scholarship which is given to the best sports person every year.

S.Inderjeit Singh Bindra Memorial Scholorship

Dr. Mandeep Singh, from the department of Economics in the college, gives an annual scholarship of Rs. 1000/- to a B.A.III student who tops in the subject of Economics.

A.K. Kaushik Memorial Scholarship

Our Ex-student Deepak Kaushik has instituted an annual scholarship for Rs. 2000/- in the memory of his father Sh. Ali.Khan. Kaushik. This scholarship is given to the student who tops in B.Sc. Sports classes.

Dr. B.S.Dhillon has instituted a annual scholarship for Rs. 1000/- to be given for the best all round performance in athletics.

Sh. Sushil Kumar, Weight Lifting Coach, has instituted an annual scholarship of Rs.1000/- to be given to the best weightlifter in the college.

Dr. Rajinder Singh Walia, from the Department of English has instituted one scholarship of Rs.1000/- to be given to the top scorer in English in B.A. degree course..

Special Scholarships for B.P.Ed. & M.P.Ed.

Outstanding eligible sports persons :

1st in the Orders of Merit in the University Rs. 4,000/-

2nd in the Orders of Merit in the University Rs. 3,000/-

3rd in the Orders of Merit in the University Rs. 2,000/-

lncentives for performance during the All India University recognised games for B.P.Ed.

Individual /Team Events Games

Gold Medalist of All India Inter Rs. 3,000/- 2,000/-

University / National Silver Medalist of All India

University and National Rs. 2,000/- 1,500/-

University / National Bronze Medalist of All India

University and National Rs. 1,500/- 1,000/-

Besides these, a number of scholarsips are available for the needy and the deserving students.