national service scheme (N.S.S.)

The college started National Service Scheme in1979. The aim of the scheme is to develop all-round personality of the students to make them responsible and patriotic citizens. It also inculcates the sense of dignity of manual labour. N.S.S. provides a forum to the young students for social service in their spare time. Under this scheme two types of programmes are organised : regular activities and camping programme. The college has three units of N.S.S. volunteers under the devoted programme officers Dr. Neelam Behal, Dr. Anurag and Prof. Ajeet Kumar. The outstanding volunteers of NSS get University Merit Certificate with a special weightage in the higher education admissions and jobs. The volunteers who have represented college in the Republic Day Parade, New Delhi will be granted additional seats in PG courses if he/she fullfills the basic eligibility conditions.