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Yamuna Nagar - 135 001 (Haryana)



 L3 – (I) WEB DESIGNING w.e.f. 2011-2012

Max. Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 35
Exam Duration: 3 Hrs Workload: 3 periods/week


 Note: The examiner will set total 10(ten) questions covering the entire syllabus. Student will attempt any five questions.  All questions will carry equal marks.

 Scripting Language: Basics of HTML, Basic tags, Document tags, Empty tags, Comment lines, Ordered and unordered lists, Menu list, Absolute links, Relation links in web sites, Table handling, Image and Pictures, Frames, Forms, Animation, Use of colors.

 Web authoring tools:  Front Page express and explorer, Front Page editor, Application of themes, Formatting of text on web page, Creation of web pages, web sites, hyperlinks, Images, Sound and Video effects, Tables handling, Frame and frame properties, Tasks views, Web wizards, Radio buttons and Command buttons.


  1. Xavier, World Wide Web Design with HTML, Tata McGraw Hill
  2. NIIT, Basics of Website Design, PHI Learning Private Limited, New Delhi
  3. Microsoft Office Frontpage – The Complete Reference, Tata McGraw-Hill


Max. Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 35
Exam Duration: 3 Hrs Workload: 3 periods/week


  1. Create any web page using following HTML tags: (a) Background Colour, (b) Font (Colour, Size, Face), (c) Bold/Italic/Underline, (d) Big/Small, (e) H1, H2, etc., (f) Marquee, (g) Ordered/Unordered Lists
  2. Create an employee table and apply various table handling operations on it using HTML.
  3. Implement the concept of Frames in a Web page.
  4. Design Home page of your Institute and insert images in it.
  5. Prepare your CV and link it on the web page.
  6. Create a web page and use various sound effects/animation schemes in it.

Front Page
Use Front Page to

  1. Create a web page using different text styles.
  2. Create a new page using clip art gallery.
  3. Create a new page using image from a scanner.
  4. Create a web page showing a tourism spots of your area.
  5. Create a web page having various table handling operations.