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Yamuna Nagar - 135 001 (Haryana)



 L2 – (I) PC SOFTWARE AND ICT w.e.f. 2010-11

Max. Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 35
Exam Duration: 3 Hrs Workload: 3 periods/week

 Note: The examiner will set total 10(ten) questions covering the entire syllabus. Student will attempt any five questions.  All questions will carry equal marks.

 Spread Sheet:  Elements of Electronics Spread Sheet, Applications, Creating and Opening of Spread Sheet, Menus, Manipulation of cells: Enter texts numbers and dates, Cell Height and Widths, Copying of cells, Mathematical, Statistical and Financial function, Drawing different types of charts.

Presentation Software: Creating, modifying and enhancing a presentation,  Delivering a presentation, Using sound, animation and design templates in presentation.

ICT Fundamentals: Basics of Information Communication Technology, Computer Networks and their advantages, Types of Computer Network, Network Topologies, Basics of Transmission Media

Internet Advanced Services: Downloading/uploading files using ftp/telnet, Chatting, Video conferencing, Online storage of data on Google and Yahoo, Configuring and Using Outlook Express for E-Mail

References Books

  1. Microsoft Office – Complete Reference – BPB Publication
  2. Learn Microsoft Office – Russell A. Stultz – BPB Publication
  3. Sinha, P.K. & Sinha, Priti, Computer Fundamentals, BPB



Max. Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 35
Exam Duration: 3 Hrs Workload: 3 periods/week

Presentation Software

  1. Make a presentation of College Education System using (a) Blank Presentation, (b) From Design Template, and (c) From Auto Content Wizard.
  2. Make a presentation on “Wild Life”. Apply various colour schemes, audio effects and animation schemes.

 Spread Sheet

  1. Generation of Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Salary Statement of an Employee and Mark Sheet of a student etc.
  2. Apply various mathematical, statistical and financial functions on any worksheet.
  3. To compute mean/median/mode in any worksheet.