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Yamuna Nagar - 135 001 (Haryana)



L1 – (I) BASIC COMPUTER EDUCATION( w.e.f. 2010-2011)

Max. Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 35
Exam Duration: 3 Hrs Workload: 3 periods/week

 Note: The examiner will set total 10(ten) questions covering the entire syllabus. Student will attempt any five questions.  All questions will carry equal marks.

 Computer: Definition, Characteristics, Applications, Components of Computer System, Input/Output Devices, Concept of Memory, Magnetic and Optical Storage Devices.

Operating System- Windows: Definition & Functions of Operating System, Basic Components of Windows, Exploring Computer, Icons, taskbar, desktop, managing files and folders, Control panel – display properties, add/remove software and hardware, setting date and time, screensaver and appearance.

Word Processing: Introduction to Word Processing, Menus, Creating, Editing & Formatting Document, Spell Checking, Printing, Views, Tables, Word Art, Mail Merge, Macros.

Computer Communication: Internet and its applications, Surfing the Internet using web browsers, Creating Email Id, Viewing an E-Mail, Sending an E-Mail to a single and multiple users, Sending a file as an attachment.

References Books

  1. Sinha, P.K. & Sinha, Priti, Computer Fundamentals, BPB
  2. Dromey, R.G., How to Solve it By Computer, PHI
  3. Microsoft Office – Complete Reference – BPB Publication


Max. Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 35
Exam Duration: 3 Hrs Workload: 3 periods/week

 Windows Operating System and Word Processing

Practical exposure as per theory syllabi

Computer Communication

  1. Connect the Internet, Open any website of your choice and save the Web Pages.
  2. Search any topic related to your syllabi using any search engine and download the relevant material.
  3. Create your E-Mail ID on any free E-Mail Server, Login through that and implement various operations provided in it.