(A Multi-faculty Post Graduate Co-educational Minority Institution)

NAAC Accredited 'A' Grade Institution and UGC accredited Centre with Potential for Excellence

Yamuna Nagar - 135 001 (Haryana)

PAPER-II PC Software

Maximum Marks: 35 External: 25
Minimum Pass Marks: 12          Internal: 10
Time: 3 hours

Note: Examiner will be required to set Nine Questions in all. First Question will be compulsory, consisting of objective type/short-answer type questions covering the entire syllabus. In addition to that eight more questions will be set, two questions from each Unit. Student will be required to attempt FIVE questions in all. Question Number 1 will be compulsory. In addition to compulsory question, student will have to attempt four more questions selecting one question from each Unit.


Windows: Basics of Windows. Windows History, Basic components of windows, icons, types of icons, taskbar, activating windows, using desktop, title bar, running applications, Windows explorer, managing files and folders, Configuring System devices. Control panel , using windows accessories.


Documentation Using Word – Introduction to Office Automation, Creating & Editing Document, Formatting Document, Auto-text, Autocorrect, Spelling and Grammar Tool, Document Dictionary, Page Formatting, Bookmark, Advance Features of MS-Word-Mail Merge, Macros, Tables, File Management, Printing, Styles, linking and embedding object.


Electronic Spread Sheet using Excel – Introduction to MS-Excel, Creating & Editing
Worksheet, Formatting and Essential Operations, Formulas and Functions, Charts,
Advance features of MS-Excel-Pivot table & Pivot Chart, Linking and Consolidation,
Database Management using Excel-Sorting, Filtering, Table, Validation, Goal Seek, Scenario.


Presentation using PowerPoint: Presentations, Creating, Manipulating & Enhancing Slides, Organizational Charts, Excel Charts, Word Art, Layering art Objects, Animations and Sounds, Inserting Animated Pictures or Accessing through Object, Inserting Recorded Sound Effect or In-Built Sound Effect.



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